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En addition du travail comme compositeur, je poursuis une activitée aussi fascinante dans le domaine de l'art numérique en 3D. Quand j'ai besoin d'un break dans mes compositions je me met au travail sur une création graphique. J'utilise un logiciel Daz Studio avec lequel j'ai fait mes premiers pas dans le monde 3D. C'est fascinant! J'ai mis quelques liens pour faciliter la découverte de mes images un peu partout sur le web.


In addition to composing instrumental music I like to have an artistic outlet in other fields so as not to get fixated into only composing music. When I get saturated having worked on a piece for a while I use the infinite universe of 3D art to be my 'walk in the park', to help me relax and re-focus. I started using DAZ Studio a few years ago and slowly began learning the various terms and technology of the 3D creation world. It is really a universe apart from other art forms, but has strong links to several areas, notably, real-world lighting, photography, texture creation by 'painting' or photo retouching, and of course physics. 

I chose to begin with Daz Studio as the basic program was free, and for a small amount of additional items you could start making some pretty pleasing effects.

I've put some images made with daz studio only (raw render without any post-work in 'photoshop' etc.) here , along with other photographs and pastel artworks...

Please note that, as in all great artists works, the galleries may contain some nudity. Please do not be offended. Underneath your clothes, you too are naked.

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