Are you an artist? Is your ‘dislike’ of money keeping you broke?

Hello. I’ve seen a lot of this. Artistic people who have a super creative talent, and are completely numbskulls when it comes to marketing!

You, like me, can probably cite a number of examples in your life, or even yourself.

For a long time, many years in fact, I was being artfully creative and making sculptures, composing music, making CD’s and digital art too, but hardly selling anything. Oh, I’d sell the odd piece here and there and a few sales off the internet, but not the tons that I’d (foolishly?) hoped for.

That is , until I decided to do my own marketing.

I’d thought it would be simple. I’d just compose a CD, put up on CDbaby, and I’d become a millionaire!


OK, well, the music is good, really good, but to sell you have to know how to MARKET. That’s how come I began my own marketing, because I’d discovered that to truly succeed one needs to tkae care of the marketing aspect of being creative. You do not have to do all your own marketing on the internet, but having a good understanding of the subject will allow you to help the people who are doing the marketing for you.

Well, I got my blog and began blogging about all the things I love and the subjects close to my heart, mostly about helping other people make use of what I have learned to get them to improve their lives.

You can promote what you like on these platforms so if you have an art or music site of your own for example you could easily drive a lot of traffic to your site.

I did, and my site is getting some deserved popularity!

Check out a Google search for ‘Jeremusic’ and you’ll see what I mean!

Here’s a simple render I did for the concept of “Shine like a diamond”

Shine like a diamond

It’s basically a 3d sketch, so that I don’t forget the Creative Ideas that I have as a flash concept, and when I have some more time (i’m working on that one!) I’ll look back through my Daz studio renders of my 3d ideas and get to finnish off ready for canvas production in high resolution work of art!

I wanted to share this thought with all you budding, talented, broke, undiscovered artists and put the tools and marketing know-how into your hands to multiply your chances to make it big too!

Get promoting your art and learn exactly how to do it by registering now to learn the secrets!  

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