As I participate in this Symphony called life....I play my part as best I can. I practice and perform the parts assigned to me.

Certain sections I have composed myself, others I have helped to arrange. At times I was a soloist, and others passages often in groups creating a harmony. There are joyous passage as there are melancolic ones, There are phrases that are repeated, and there are variations.

I have been playing a certain duet for 31 years and have been 'instrumental' in increasing the size of the orchestra. :)


Through my playing I encourage others to play with their hearts and their most profound emotions. True music comes directly from within. I cannot even easily describe how it is done, but my composing is at it's best when it is simply felt to be the right way.


An improvised passage, not even pre-concieved, played for the moment at the moment as the music feels right. The very best passages have always been this way.Even as I compose these lyrics I just had a nebulous concept and the title come to mind, that which follows is born of that special place, inspiration itself.


That you can read this is due to living with inspiration and listening to her when she speaks. If you quiet your mind she may even sing to you. 


Whichever part you choose to play in this symphony, remember that your sound does make a difference, that it isn't the same with out you, and though while a soloist is often a tremendous spectacle, there is a synergy and intensity of a joyous duet that cannot be matchd by a mere solo.


Within these metaphoric thoughts are the tunes to play in the key of life.


I thank you for your participation, and your support in the continuation of the future pieces, as I know that as we practice together our syphony grows louder and richer and deeper.


I am also deeply concious of the fact that our best moments have yet to come!




AKA Jeremy Feldmesser