Fire In My Viens

Refreshingly different, carefully crafted instrumental melodies, transcending the merely human and opening doors to unvisited places.

Released in 2008, 'Fire in my Veins' is a collection of instrumental compositions that cover a gamut of genres. The rythmic pulsing flow through symphonic atmospherics to rocking melodies, the album begins with a crunch, and then recalls some snippet of Beethoven before launching head-first into the second track.'December Dreams' takes the pace down a notch to frosty snow covered spaces and memories.'Angel' rocks back up tempo with luscious sound of the Dulcimer (?) and Pan-flutes, conterpointed with a sax solo.'Molto-Parissimo' mixes Italian and French flavours for a gentle start to a tubular bells crescendo!

'Retro groove' combines rythmic drums, orchestral instruments and a 'crying' lead synth for a fusional experience.'SunnySong' is a prominently piano (reverbed) scene, with a modulating continuo and clean melody, brought out by the cimbalon.'Strato-caster Angel' is a slow folk/rock guitar, backed by a fretless bass with an icing of clarinet. 'New Life Pulsing' is a longer track of relaxing breatheable refrains and an uplifiting melody of infinite guitar harmonics, constructed to find the smiles within you. 'Grande Bleu' is a message of hope and harmony sung by whales...