The folly of the one-lifer



I sit and ponder on the one-lifer

His short existence disappearing before his very eyes,

His single life-span so short, why start?

No wonder he descends into despair and apathy so easily.




I sit here and I breathe,

And a new breath continues this life,

As it has continued countless lives before,

And will no doubt countless more from now,

For if geologic time is behind us,

Then unilogic time lies ahead.




Why does the western man fear other lives?

As in so many other cultures it is an undisputed fact.

What is he so afraid of?

Things that go bump in the night?




So many people on this earth,

And more and more every minute,

And as they are all individuals,

Where does their individualisation come from?

Is there an infinite supply?



If you knew you would come back to what you left behind,

You would take more care wouldn’t you?

And that icy cold by your grandmothers grave,

Could become the warmth of a new baby for someone,

If only you would let her go from that stony cold place,

And cease to worship what was

And learn to rejoice in what will be.



But don’t take my word for it,

Find out for yourself…