I see you sleeping there,

I know you,

I know what you can do.

And that what you can do is a million times more

Than what you think you can,

And a billion times more than what others have let you believe.

But I know you;

And I acknowledge each step on the way,

To finding out what you really can be,

To find out Who you really are,

A being of such infinite potential,

That you hit the sky just contemplating it!

But that’s ok, it a better view from up here, isn’t it?




And your body can look after itself.

And we can go and look at mars,

Or soar on the solar-wind, out, out,

Across the galaxy.

We can bathe in the mauve and green of the nebula,

And slide in the gravity well of a forming star,

Swing our way across the universe,

Riding on the wave from a quasar,

And listen to the song in a million waves of utter silence.

Playing catch with the star beams and

Hide & seek with the Pulsars

In an instant being here, and in the next being there,

Meeting with the billions of others who share our game

Who share our thoughts, and who can love life

Like we do.

Returning from where we began, in time to wake up,

But never to forget the magic;

Because the Magic is you!